Armadillo Run

Armadillo Run is a physics-based puzzle game. You have to build structures with the purpose of getting an armadillo to a certain point in space. There is a selection of building materials, each with different properties, which can be combined to form almost anything. The realistic physics simulation gives you the freedom to solve each level in many different ways.

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Lucifer's Atoms 22nd April 2016
For a long time I've been busy working on my new game, called Lucifer's Atoms. It's not a direct sequel to Armadillo Run, but it has much in common - it's still a physics-based construction game, but this time you get to control your creations too. Things are built in 3D, which gives a lot more freedom to what you can make. So you can create your own cars and then race them against your friends - it allows multiplayer play too. You can even make a self-balancing bike using an automated control script, by changing the steering angle based on the amount the bike is leaning. A game for geeks and engineers, and anyone that has imagination and a desire to create things! But I haven't quite finished it yet - there's still a way to go. In the meantime, I wholeheartedly recommend you play what is one of the best puzzle games I've ever played - Stephen's Sausage Roll. It will keep you challenged until Lucifer's Atoms is finished. (^_^)
Armadillo Run version 2 available for beta testing 19th August 2009
Version 2 of Armadillo Run is now available for beta testing. The physics simulation rules have been modified to fix the 'dark force' bugs, which previously allowed energy to be created from certain configurations of objects. The friction and air resistance of objects have also been modified to capture more realistic behaviour. The version 2 beta release is available to all existing customers from the download/registration link in your purchase confirmation email. You can also get to your download/registration page from here by entering your current registration code or the email address originally used to purchase Armadillo Run. If anyone has any comments about the new simulation rules please let me know so I can incorporate any changes ahead of the official release.